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Founder International Building

Founder International Building is located in West Zhongguancun, Haidian District, Beijing. It is a standard office building with a total construction area of 51159.23 square meters. It has a three-story parking lot, located on the second to fourth floors of the basement.

The property management company of Founder International Building reached an in-depth cooperation with JIESHUN to upgrade the comprehensive parking system. JIESHUN uses C series parking controllers at the entrance and exit. They support smart license plate recognition for better traffic mobility, allowing drivers to pass in seconds. Even more convenient, quickly finding vacant parking spaces is no longer a problem. Drivers can easily find available parking spaces by following the LED indicators. In general, the intelligent parking system reduces the pressure of operation management and saves more labor costs.

Benefiting from high compatibility and high customizability, JIESHUN's parking solutions have been widely used in transportation hubs, office buildings, residential buildings, entertainment venues, shopping malls and other places.

Facts and Figures

  • Customer

    Founder International Building

  • Project Name

    Founder International Building

  • Project Add

    No.52 Beisihuan West Road, Haidian District, Beijing, China.

  • Installation Date


  • Capacity/Size


  • JIESHUN Products

    Parking Management System (C Series Parking Controller)
    Parking Guidance System
    Barrier Gates (JSDZ0207B)

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