Established in 1992, JIESHUN has nearly 30 years of experience in the parking industry


Deployed over 100,000 parking management systems worldwide

100 Million

Our systems serve more than 100 million people

No. 1

The leading parking solution provider positioning No.1 in China


JIESHUN has more than 1000 experienced R&D staff


Our products are used in more than 100 countries and regions

JIESHUN offers a variety of parking system equipment to cater to your parking management and operational requirements across various applications. The proprietary license plate recognition (LPR) algorithm enables seamless, ticket-free traffic, providing drivers with a hassle-free experience while significantly enhancing traffic efficiency. Furthermore, the system supports in-depth analysis of operational problems, revenue maximization and security enhancement.


JIESHUN offers two types of parking guidance systems: ultrasonic and video-based. Both systems effectively monitor parking spaces and optimize the search for vacant spots, reducing the time vehicles spend idling and driving around. This not only improves efficiency but also helps reduce carbon emissions.


JIESHUN's boom barriers are designed with advanced technology to provide reliable and efficient operation. With intelligent control mechanisms, they effectively regulate vehicle flow and prevent unauthorized access. Additionally, all our products are equipped with high-quality engines, guaranteeing a minimum of millions of operation cycles.


The pedestrian gates are an essential component of the comprehensive access control system. JIESHUN's pedestrian gates are specifically designed to offer smooth and secure entry for individuals, guaranteeing optimal convenience and safety. They are highly adaptable and can seamlessly integrate with various verification terminals and management systems. Furthermore, our pedestrian gates boast sleek and visually pleasing designs, effortlessly blending with diverse architectural styles.


Access Control System

Ensuring Security for Your Space

The JIESHUN Access Control System is highly effective in preventing unauthorized access and illegal intrusion. It offers a range of authentication methods, such as biometrics, IC cards, and passwords, making it flexible for use in various applications. Additionally, the system features robust management software and a wide range of hardware options, ensuring the highest level of security.



Parking Management Solution

JIESHUN has developed a comprehensive parking solution that efficiently manages and organizes parking spaces in various locations, including shopping malls, airports, and office complexes. This solution offers a range of services, such as parking management, parking guidance, automated billing and payment, and operation data analysis. The parking system is capable of monitoring and tracking available parking spaces in real time, and this information is displayed on the LED display. Additionally, the system features exceptional license plate recognition technology, allowing for fast and convenient entry and exit. It also includes automatic pay stations and an online payment platform, ensuring the best possible user experience. Furthermore, the system can be seamlessly integrated into existing membership systems, providing parking discounts and membership points for specific applications.

Access Control Solution

JIESHUN access control solution is designed to provide efficient and secure management of pedestrian access in various environment. It includes a range of features and technologies to ensure seamless and controlled entry and exit. The solution boasts sophisticated software and advanced hardware, incorporating turnstiles, access controllers, face recognition terminals, various card readers and other mechanical equipment. It offers flexible customization options to cater to your specific requirements for indoor or outdoor installation. The solution allows for easy configuration and management of access control rules and permissions.


JIESHUN has implemented parking management and access control solutions in 100+ countries and regions globally.


Expert in Smart Parking & Access Control

Established in 1992, Shenzhen Jieshun Science and Technology Industry Co., Ltd (known as "JIESHUN") is the world's leading one-stop supplier of smart parking and access control solutions. JIESHUN specializes in delivering comprehensive and customizable Entrance & Exit Control solutions, including parking management systems (PMS), parking guidance systems (PGS), barrier gates, pedestrian gates, access control, and a unified cloud-based platform for centralized monitoring and management.


R&D Strength

  • · An Industry-Leading R&D Team with Over 800 Experts
  • · Continuous Investment on Industry Applications

Parking Operation Ability

  • · Professional Technical Teams to Provide 24/7 Customer Services
  • · Access to Multiple Resources Such as Finance, Operators, and Auto Service Providers

Technical Advantages

  • · JIESHUN Can Offer One-Stop Parking Solutions
  • · Self-Developed LPR Algorithm Based on AI and Big Data Technologies

Market Influence

  • · Industry Leading Position with Building Over 100,000 Parking Lots
  • · High Brand Awareness


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