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Jieshun Zhicheng Technology Co., Ltd.
JIESHUN Holds 88% of the Shares
Company Profile: Zhicheng Technology is a subsidiary of JIESHUN, and its main business is urban parking. For city-level government units, state-owned enterprises, etc., it provides an integrated solution for the information management of public urban parking resources on the road and off the road. Through unified networking of equipment, platform data analysis and application, Zhicheng has built an integrated urban parking management system with intelligent hardware, management platform and operational services, and built a smart parking ecosystem with "JIESHUN characteristics" to help the government improve urban traffic conditions.
Founded in


Shenzhen AlgSun Artificial Intelligence Co., Ltd.
JIESHUN Holds 100% of the Shares
Company Profile: AlgSun is a technology company dedicated to the research and development of computer vision technology based on deep learning and industry applications. The company provides AI software and hardware solutions for smart industrial parks, commercial buildings, smart campuses and other fields. AlgSun aims to solve user problems and meet user needs, continuously launch innovative products, and use artificial intelligence technology to help customers transform from informatization to intelligence, continue to create value, and promote industry development.
Founded in


Shanghai Jieyi Software System Co., Ltd.
JIESHUN Holds 55.9% of the Shares
Company Profile: Jieyi Software mainly provides customers with system integration services for card-based payment related industry solutions. On the basis of software products with independent intellectual property rights, the company provides technical services in consulting, industry application solutions, operation and maintenance, etc. The products are mainly used in public service fields such as third-party payment, city card, and smart community.
Founded in


Jieshun FinTech Co., Ltd.
JIESHUN Holds 100% of the Shares
Company Profile: FinTech’s business application scenarios are concentrated in commercial buildings, communities and smart industrial parks. It uses Internet payment licenses to build financial electronic accounts for end users, and provides financial services that integrate shopping, investment and wealth management, consumer credit and small loans. FinTech and its partners have jointly built a new financial scenario to improve capital utilization.
Founded in


Shenzhen Shunyitong Information Technology Co., Ltd.
JIESHUN Holds 80% of the Shares
Company Profile: The main product of Shunyitong is JParking, which is an integrated service platform for intelligent parking. Its main business includes three major sections: parking lot operation service, parking space operation service and advertising service. Its functions cover unattended operation, aggregated payment, monthly card management, parking space leasing and various car services, etc. It is committed to the operation and monetization capacity building of smart parking lots, build a system dominated by operation services, and provide value to the government, property companies, car owners, partners and other parties.
Founded in


Nanjing Mocob Information Technology Co., Ltd.
JIESHUN Holds 23.91% of the Shares
Company Profile: The company has been committed to the research and application of big data business intelligence and AI new retail, specializing in providing business customers with a full set of Internet + new retail solutions, including business operation platform construction, business operation counseling, big data AI analysis, precision marketing, membership management, smart business management services, etc. The products have been widely used in high-end shopping malls in many cities.
Founded in


Shanghai YellFun Information Technology Co., Ltd.
JIESHUN Holds 75% of the Shares
Company Profile: The company is a technology company dedicated to providing accurate location awareness services. The company's self-developed Indoorun indoor positioning and navigation system has been successfully used in commercial centers, parking lots, hospitals, museums, exhibition halls, schools and other scenarios. The company hopes to improve the intelligence of industry services, the precision of management and the refinement of data with accurate location services, so as to contribute to the construction of smart cities. The company's core technical team is led by a number of doctors, and the team members have many years of experience in related industries. YellFun has obtained 26 patents and software copyrights.
Founded in


Shenzhen Comunda Intelligent Management Technology Co., Ltd.
JIESHUN Holds 100% of the Shares

Company Profile: The company's business scope includes platform software, intelligent terminal software and mobile application development and sales, system integration, operation and maintenance services, etc. The company has about 200 R&D personnel and is committed to building a system from centralized management and control, remote operation and maintenance, and data integration to help the construction of a smart parking ecosystem. At the same time, on the basis of in-depth research on Internet, cloud computing, big data and other technologies, the company has created more than 100 patented technologies and masters the technological development direction of the industry.

Founded in


Shenzhen Anypay Network Technology Co., Ltd.
Jieshun FinTech Holds 100% of the Shares
Company Profile:The company's self-developed Anypay payment platform provides Internet payment and settlement services for Jieshun and its partners. The platform is committed to creating scenario financial solutions with prepaid wealth management products and microfinance as the main products.

Founded in


JieshunPay Technology Co., Ltd.
JIESHUN Holds 100% of the Shares
Company Profile: The company is mainly engaged in the issuance and acceptance of general-purpose prepaid cards. The E-card and Anypay card issued by the company are general-purpose prepaid cards that conform to the financial IC card standard of the People's Bank of China. The company is the first payment company in China to successfully apply the financial IC card standard to the field of community one-card electronic cash.
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