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Jinling Hotel Nanjing is a hotel in Nanjing, China, located near the city's Xinjiekou district. "Jinling" is an old name for Nanjing which is often used to refer to the city in a poetic context. The hotel was Nanjing's first modern hotel managed by Chinese and is still often regarded as the pre-eminent five-star hotel in Nanjing. Jinling Hotel was the highest building in China until 1985, while Baiyun Hotel in Guangzhou built earlier was taller if including its antenna.

To enhance the overall customer experience, Jinling Hotel took the initiative to collaborate with JIESHUN in 2020 to upgrade their parking guidance system. This updated system provides guests with real-time information on parking availability, simplifying the task of finding vacant parking spaces through easily visible LED indicators. By doing so, it effectively addresses the issue of traffic congestion and greatly enhances parking utilization.

Additionally, the automated nature of the system streamlines parking management procedures, minimizing the requirement for manual intervention and resulting in time and resource savings for the hotel staff.

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    Jinling Hotel

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    Jinling Hotel

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    No.2 Hanzhong Road, Nanjing, Jiangsu, China

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    Video Parking Guidance System

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