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BPKB Polresta Pati

BPKB Polresta Pati is located in Jalan Agil Kusumadya, Pati District. The BPKB building started construction in June 2022 and has been fully put into use recently.

This project is a digital equipment upgrade project of PATI police department. After the client carefully evaluated the solutions of several companies, JIESHUN was finally selected. JIESHUN stands out from many competitors with its excellent performance and cost performance.

JIESHUN provides pedestrian gates for the customer's access control systems. The high compatibility of the product makes it possible to integrate a QR code reader and connect to the online reservation system. As a digital access control system, it is very convenient. People can obtain a pass QR code through an online appointment, and use it to pass.

The deployment of the access control system has improved the security of the entire service office and ensured efficient and orderly business processing, which was highly appreciated by BPKB Polresta Pati. The customer said that the system will be promoted and used in multiple police stations in the future.

Facts and Figures

  • Customer

    BPKB Polresta Pati

  • Project Name

    BPKB Polresta Pati

  • Project Add

    Jl. AKBP Agil Kusumadya, Ngarus, Winong, Kec. Pati, Kabupaten Pati, Jawa Tengah 59112 Indonesia.

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  • JIESHUN Products

    Pedestrian Gates (Swing Gates)

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