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JIESHUN's Face Recognition Equipment Helps COVID-19 Prevention and Control

Mar 19,2020

Securities Daily reported that a few days ago, Shenzhen came out a number of prevention and control measures, including civil defense, technical defense, and institutional defense for responding to the epidemic of COVID-19. In this background, JIESHUN has launched the overall solution of “AI temperature measurement + access control” in a short time, using high integration, rapid deployment, and hardware & platform combination, helping the city enhance the capability for smart defence.

AI temperature measurement access control for COVID-19 fighting

According to the introduction, the overall solution through a complete set of offline intelligent hardware combination which are pedestrian gates, face mask recognition, and integrated infrared temperature measurement, can simultaneously achieve ± 0.3 ℃ non-contact accurate temperature measurement, 0.3-second quick gate opening, and the abnormal temperature“interception” alarm report. The product is basing on a modular design and can be quickly installed on-site to create a stable, reliable, and secure fast-passing experience, effectively preventing cross-infection caused by community access.

Applied scenario

In addition, another important component of the solution, the JIESHUN IoT cloud platform, can respond quickly to scientific epidemic prevention needs, integrating modules such as face recognition channels, visitor appointments , and temperature measurement & early warning to newly create an "epidemic prevention + early warning monitoring" platform. The platform can also quickly meet more epidemic prevention needs, such as the "touch-free elevator riding" function. By using mobile phone software, you can select the layer on the phone and reduce the risk of contact infection. JIESHUN has launched the "touch-free elevator" application, which has the characteristics of simple reconstruction and low equipment investment cost, to further strengthen the community's "technical defense" capability.