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JIESHUN Won the Bid for Smart Parking Project in Chongqing

Jun 12,2020

Last month JIESHUN (002609.SZ) has received Letter of Acceptance that the company was the winning bidder of Smart Parking Construction Project, Bishan District, Chongqing, and the estimated bid amount up to CNY 35.66M. At this bid, it will further enhance the company’s abilities which are source integration, operation & management, and implementation & delivery of smart parking ecology construction. Meanwhile, it will better promote its B2G business of smart parking to other cities.

Till the end of 2019, the number of cars in Chongqing has exceeded 3 million, and the problem of "hard to park" has become increasingly prominent. The first purpose for this project is to truly solve the problems of “hard to park” and ”parking disorder” in local area, so that improve the traffic efficiency and reduce pollution emissions.

1. On-road Parking I.jpg

On-road Parking I

This project will make full use of multiple technologies, such as AIOT, big data, cloud computing, wireless communication, GPS, GIS, etc. and focus on the system construction of smart parking, Bishan District, which is comprehensively applied to the collection, management an services of city parking resources. This project will build a high-perception, strong interconnection., cloud-managed urban smart parking network of Bishan City, and realize integrated operation and management of on-/off-road for the city.

As per the plan, JIESHUN will be responsible for drawing lines, numbering, installing vehicle detection equipment (such as geomagnetic sensors ), installing illegal capturing system, etc. for more 7,000 on-road parking spaces, in the east to Jinjian Mountain, south to the high-speed rail line, west to Jinlai Mountain, north to Liuqi Avenue of Bisha City. The plan will deploy entrance & exit AI LPR, cloud call centers, environmental monitoring, etc.for 74 ecological parking lots and government-managed parking lots. Besides, these parking lots will be upgraded to unattended parking, and 152 indoor/outdoor wayfinding parking signs will be installed on main roads, secondary roads, and public parking lots.

2. On-road Parking II.jpg

On-road Parking II

Nowadays JIESHUN has completed local 8 parking lots’ upgrades and achieve good feedback, such as Nanhelijing Underground Parking Lot, Fengxiang Lake Children's Park Parking Lot, New Administrative Service Center Ecological Parking Lot, Dengyun Park Ecological Parking Lot, Central Avenue Ecological Parking Lot, Tongjing Gas Station Ecological Parking Lot, Rural Commercial Bank Ecological Parking Lot, and Chengding Crossing Ecological Parking Lot.

3. Fengxiang Lake Children's Park Parking Lot.jpg

Fengxiang Lake Children's Park Parking Lot

At the same time, JIESHUN will build an integrated smart parking covering city parking operation & management platform, on-road parking system, parking lot network management system, parking guidance system, mobile phone parking applications, etc. All area’s parking lot data will be accessed and shared.

About Bishan, Chongqing

Bishan is located at upper Yangtze River, a district of Chongqing, China, with 730 thousand permanent residents.


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