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The Smart Parking Lot in DG Mall, Dongguan

Sep 11,2020

DG Mall, the landmark building and the largest commercial centre in Dongguan Guangdong, its floor area has been up to 300,000 m2. Facing up with “it will take three hours’ walking to complete the visiting”, many concerns for vehicle owners such as park & drive away, line up to pay, etc. have been appeared. However, JIESHUN Smart Parking with license plate recognition, parking guidance, and mobile payment have made DG Mall easier to visit.

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DG Mall, Dongguan

Quick In and Out by License Plate Recognition

According to the data, the peak daily traffic has exceeded 16,000 cars since the opening of DG Mall. The huge traffic requested a more efficiency parking lot: more parking spaces and faster in-and-out speed.

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JIESHUN’s License Plate Recognition Controllers

DG Mall has deployed 4,300 parking spaces in its parking lots in order to satisfy the parking needs. Meanwhile JIESHUN’s Smart Parking System has been initiated: license plate recognition rate up to 99.8%, unlicensed cars can be in/out with paper tickets, barriers raising in seconds, etc.. Hence the in-and-out could be more efficient and let the traffic problems be settled down.

Parking Guidance Leads the Way

DG Mall has equipped with JIESHUN’s HD Video Parking Guidance System (“VPGS”) that let the vehicle owners who visit DG Mall be more easy to find their cars.

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JIESHUN’s Parking Guidance System

At the entries, there are 136 indoor wayfinding parking signs to guide the vehicle owners to find the available spaces, 2,000 HD video parking guidance detection terminals to show parking space status by red/green colour lights. Hence it will be more clear for vehicle owners to know the details of the parking spaces.

Easy to pay by Mobile Payment

For vehicle owners, the last and most important problem is how to pay and leave quickly without lining up. JIESHUN has supplied DG Mall various kinds of payment options, so that it will be easier for vehicle owners to do the payment online. At the same time, JIESHUN Smart Parking has been linked to DG Mall membership system, vehicle owners can use membership points to get parking voucher, and parking voucher can be equal to parking fees.

About DG Mall

DG Mall, the 600,000 m2 shopping mall, is a large area comprehensively planned for theme blocks, valley markets, open-air theaters, western-style auditoriums, love corridors,etc. It has been equipped with Dongguan’s largest parking lot that can park 4,300 vehicles


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