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The Reliable Pedestrian Gates in Jiale Shiji-City, Luzhou

Oct 28,2020

Jiale Shiji-City, the financial and commercial center of Luzhou Sichuan, is a modern city center integrating finance, commerce, offices, hotels, city sightseeing and high-end residences. It is also a key project in the service industry of Sichuan Province and a demonstration project of industrial transformation and upgrading of Luzhou City.

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Jiale Shiji-City, Luzhou, Sichuan

Recetly Jiale Shiji-City has received a set of JIESHUN JSTZ3910 Flagship Swing Gates, which are specially built for AAAAA commercial office buildings.

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JIESHUN JSTZ3910 Flagship Swing Gates

Design Life For 18 Million Opening and Closing Cycles

Recently JIESHUN JSTZ3910 Flagship Swing Gates have been favored by many customers including Luzhou Financial and Commercial Center (located in Jiale Shiji-City). One of the main favored reasons is the "hard-core technology" of the flagship swing gates.

JSTZ3910 Flagship Swing Gates integrate a number of industry-leading technologies. Many parts such as the movement, electronic control and optical grating detection, etc. are all independently developed by JIESHUN. The functions and performance are strictly designed in accordance with the AAAAAA commercial office building scene.

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Design Life For 18 Million Opening and Closing Cycles

JSTZ3910 can ahcieve 18 million opening and closing cycles, far exceeding the current international first-line brand design lifes of 12 million.

3rd Generation of Optical Grating Detection

JSTZ3910 Flagship Swing Gates adpot JIESHUN's 3rd generation of optical grating detection technology, real-time perception of personnel position, and more accurate and reliable control responses which are for trailing, forced entry, reverse traffic, pedestrian protection, etc., and cooperate with motor dynamic torque detection & protection to ensure pedestrians to pass safely.

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3rd Generation of Optical Grating Detection

The design of 64 pairs of electric eye & 30mm gap real-time detection that can achieve accurate real-time position sensing of pedestrians, and accurate & reliable response control. The detection frequency of 0.5ms greatly improves the detection efficiency. The high-density infrared sensors can effectively ensure that pedestrians whose passing speed below 7m/s are still detected.

Luxurious & Compact Appearance

JSTZ3910 Flagship Swing Gates are based on the grille shape, combined with the modern Nordic style of simple, natural and humanized design concepts. And JSTZ3910’s tint tempered glass can be matched with champagne gold or moonlight silver gate body.

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Luxurious & Compact Appearance

About Jiale Shiji-City

Jiale Shiji-City, developed by Jiale Group, has a total construction area of about 3 million square meters, a modern urban complex integrating finance, commerce, business, office, hotel, city tourism, and residence.


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