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Dec 17,2020

As of June 2019, China has reached 250 million vehicles. Correspondingly, the average ratio of cars to parking spaces in China's cities is about 1:0.8, which is much lower than the 1:1.3 in developed countries. How to solve the parking problem, improve the utilization rate of parking spaces, and reduce the cost of parking lot management are the top priorities for parking lot operators.

China’s Vehicles on the road.jpg

China’s Vehicles on the road

China is a country with a large population and a large vehicle users. With the improvement of people's living standards, the purchase rate of vehicles has been increasing. According to data from the Transportation Administration of the Ministry of Public Security of China, as of June 2019, the number of vehicles in China has reached 250 million, and there are 66 cities with more than 1 million vehicles. Among them, 29 cities have more than 2 million vehicles and 11 cities have more than 3 million vehicles. There are more and more vehicles on urban roads, and it is a big problem for vehicle owners to go out to park. This is also a challenge for parking lot operators. For example, how many available parking spaces in the parking lot need to be surveyed manually; Unable to count the traffic flow in different time periods in time, and optimize the allocation of parking space resources in real time, resulting in low parking lot utilization; vehicle owners cannot quickly find unoccupied parking spaces after entering the parking lot, not only occupying the main lanes in and out causing traffic congestion but also wasting a lot of time of vehicle owners; parking lots are equipped with a large number of full-time personnel to guide the parking of vehicles, and the cost of parking lot management increases accordingly.

In addition, the demands of vehicle owners for parking lots are increasingly. How to quickly solve the above-mentioned problems has become a top priority for parking lot operators. The development of industry has made unattended parking lots appear in public, allowing operators to manage parking lots more autonomously. Compared with unattended parking, cloud hosting services are more focused on operations and services themselves. It is aimed at property management companies, parking lot operating companies and other business entities that have parking lot property rights, management rights or operation rights. The service content covers “Front-end Systems + Self-service Payment + Cloud Hosting Services + Self-service Invoicing + Commercial Operation + VIP service + JIESHUN cloud management”. To be more specific, JParking·Cloud hosting service is based on the ultimate user experience, through the vertical integration of the multi-layer architecture of "smart hardware + Internet of Things + cloud platform + service",and the realization of multi-dimensional information collection to realize remote supervision of parking lot operators, greatly reducing labor costs.

One of the many advantages of JParking·Cloud Hosting Service is that it has an independent database, and the operation data of each project is automatically uploaded to the cloud platform. In addition, the security system supports 4G network, even if the network is disconnected, it will not affect the use of various functions. When using non-inductive payment, it can instantaneously reach each parking lot account for real-time management, eliminating charging isolated islands, and is particularly conducive to expanding various value-added services and simple problem remote maintenance. In fact, JParking·Cloud Hosting Service is a smart parking solution based on ecological empowerment. With the model of "smart hardware + platform + scene operation", it can not only solve technical problems in practical applications, but also brings win-win cooperation benefits to the partners.

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JParking·Cloud Hosting Service

The horizontal open IoT ecosystem of JParking·Cloud Hosting Service fully opens up the resources of every link of the IoT ecological chain. It can be said to be a smart parking solution that integrates unmanned, intelligent, and humanized design. It not only empowers the parking lot, reduces the operating cost of the parking lot operator,, but also allows vehicle owners to get a good parking experience.


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