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JIESHUN Provides Smart-Parking Solutions to the CITIC Tower

Apr 27,2021

Do you know which is the tallest building in Beijing? It’s CITIC Tower, the flagship building in the Central Business District of Beijing, also popularly known as China Zun. The 109-storey, 528 m building is the tallest in the city, surpassing that of the China World Trade Center Tower III by 190 meters.

The tower’s gently rising and curving form resembles an ancient Chinese wine vessel, called the “zun.” The design concept is that of a transforming shell that gradually bends to create a dramatic form. This concept is also applied to other key elements of the tower, including the entrances, ground-floor lobby, and observation deck.

What Does the Parking Lot in Such a Magnificent Building Look Like?

The CITIC Tower was completed in 2018. Since it was fully put into use in 2020, it has been adopting JIESHUN's smart-parking solutions to provide efficient, intelligent, and convenient daily parking services for people.

The parking lot is divided into a ground parking lot and a basement parking lot. The ground parking lot has four entrances and four exits, which supports simultaneous entering and exiting under the implementation of JIESHUN's parking ticketless controller.

With a high-precision license plate recognition rate of over 99.8%, the management system can quickly identify the vehicles that have records in the front-end software and open the barrier gates without manual review, which greatly improves the passage efficiency.

The basement parking lot adopts a single-channel mode with two entrances and two exits. Both of them use JIESHUN C Series barrier gates specially designed for high-end commercial buildings. They not only provide people with fast access and no-congestion parking services but also complement the high-end positioning of China Zun.

Intelligent Parking Management Enhances Service Experience

After nearly a year of management and operation, the staff of CITIC Tower found that although the management of the "Month Card" had been efficient and worry-free, the management pressure of hundreds of visitor vehicles every day could not be ignored and the system needed to be upgraded urgently.

Before the upgrade, the building's management of visitor vehicles was not online. The entry and exit of vehicles mainly relied on the traditional method of manual notification and verification. The management procedures were complicated and laborious.

On April 1, 2021, a smart parking system for CITIC Tower was officially launched. Through a standard API interface, it is connected to the CITIC Visitor Platform, realizing the direct synchronization of building visitor information to the JIESHUN parking system.

After the vehicle arrives, the system not only automatically recognizes and releases the visitor's vehicle, but also synchronizes the access data of the vehicle to the visitor platform in real-time, forming a closed-loop of visitor management, that greatly improved visitor management efficiency and service quality, and directly reduced labor costs.


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