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JIESHUN Deployed Malaysia's Largest LPR Parking System for Sunway Pyramid

Aug 09,2021

Sunway Group is one of Malaysia’s largest conglomerates with core interests in real estate, construction, education, healthcare, retail, and hospitality. The flagship retail property, Sunway Pyramid, first opened its doors in 1997. It is Malaysia’s first themed shopping and entertainment mall. It has undergone a magnificent transformation to herald a new shopping kingdom, boasting 4.3 million square feet of retail space.

Sunway Pyramid has become one of the largest shopping malls in Malaysia, with more than 10,000 parking spaces and an average daily traffic volume of 50,000 vehicles. Previously, Sunway Pyramid used a ticketing system in the parking lot. Although the performance is stable, there still remains a lot of problems, such as serious long queues behind the payment machines during peak hours, high paper ticket costs, and management difficulties.

LPR Parking System & Cashless Payment

In response to the pain points, Sunway Pyramid had been constantly seeking smart parking solutions. In 2018, when they first came into contact with Jieshun, Sunway employees and the senior management team noticed the LPR parking management system. They tested and used it and were very surprised by the stability and convenience of Jieshun parking system based on license plate recognition technology.

In 2019, Jieshun customized the "LPR + Self-service Payment" parking solution and deployed the whole system for Sunway. With powerful products and service advantages, Sunway Pyramid not only allows customers to experience more convenient parking and payment services, but also helps the parking management team reduce operating costs and improve operational efficiency.

Compared with the well-regulated and uniform license plates in China, the multi-standard license plates in Malaysia have increased the difficulty of license plate recognition by several levels. To achieve accurate recognition, it requires more professional and complex recognition algorithms.

As a leader in the field of smart parking, Jieshun has achieved breakthroughs in the Malaysian license plate recognition algorithm after years of research. The current recognition rate has reached 99.5%, ranking first in the industry.

Sunway Pyramid has installed Jieshun Smart Parking System and 13 self-service payment machines on all 64 lanes, which not only provides customers with a fast license plate recognition experience, but also provides a variety of optional cashless payment services, such as credit cards, e-wallets and Sunway APP. It allows customers to experience unprecedented high traffic efficiency and enhances the shopping experience.

Compared to traditional ticket parking, it opens a door to a new business model and offers more value-added services to shopping mall operators. Using cashless payments instead of ticket and cash payment can greatly save the operation cost of parking management.

More Than Parking Services
In addition to the upgrade of license plate recognition and cashless payment methods, the parking system is also deeply integrated with the shopping mall system and the hotel system to provide customers with additional discounts.

At the same time, the management platform supports clearing and settlement, allowing Sunway Pyramid's shopping, hotel, parking businesses to conduct unified management and value-added operations.

The successful deployment of JIESHUN LPR parking management system has opened a new era of smart parking in Malaysia, and the project has become a benchmark in smart parking industry.

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