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JIESHUN Opens the Era of 5MP Image Recognition for Smart Parking

Nov 14,2022

The severe problem of urban parking difficulties promotes the continuous optimization of the utilization of parking spaces in the city. As a leading enterprise in the field of smart parking, JIESHUN has always been promoting the development of the industry with technological innovation and application optimization.

At present, there are many parking lots deployed in different environments, which brings a lot of inconvenience to the intelligent upgrade of parking lots. In order to enable more parking lots to achieve high-quality intelligent upgrade at a faster speed and at a lower cost, JIESHUN proposed an integrated upgrade plan. And today, the camera, the core component of the parking lot controller, has been fully upgraded.

The choice of the camera affects the use of the overall function. Although the ultra-high-resolution camera has excellent shooting effects, it puts forward higher requirements for the storage and compression of pictures and videos, as well as the network bandwidth. Conversely, data storage is smooth when using a low-resolution camera, but the license plate recognition algorithm needs to be more precise.

After repeated development and debugging by professional engineers, they finally chose a 5-megapixel high-definition camera module. It can perfectly solve the following problems we encountered.

  • Recognition Difficulties Caused by Harsh Environmental Conditions

  • Recognition Difficulties Caused by Special Lanes or Recognition Angles

  • Complex Deployment Due to Lane Differences and Limited Camera Imaging Range

JIESHUN's new-generation 5MP star-level HD wide-angle camera has stronger environmental adaptability, wider recognition angle and clearer video. It has a lot of highlights as follows.

  • The image sensor of the star-level camera has been upgraded to Sony335, which can take ultra-high-definition photos of 2560*1920. Its image is clearer and the picture details are richer.

  • The recognition angle of the wide-angle lens is 65°, and the pictures taken can cover the car body. The maximum recognition distance is increased to 8 meters, which effectively ensures that the recognition rate remains above 99.9%.

  • The camera assembly is fully sealed, and adoptsmilitary-grade anti-condensation, waterproof and dustproof design to ensureperfect operation in various environments.

The new generation of 5MP camera not only improves the recognition ability, but also is a good helper for easy deployment, reducing investment and worry-free maintenance. For standard projects with lane width less than 4.5 meters and recognition distance greater than 3.5 meters, there is no need to configure auxiliary cameras separately, saving project investment costs. At the same time, after the controller is installed, the camera can be used directly without adjusting the camera angle, imaging focal length and fill light.

At the end of the article, let's take a look at which products have been upgraded this time.

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