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5 Case Studies on How to Solve Urban Parking Problems

Oct 24,2019

According to the data from the Traffic Management Bureau of Ministry of Public Security of the PRC, “as of June 2019, the number of private cars in the country reached 198 million, and there were 66 cities with more than 1 million cars. ” Behind the huge numbers, “hard to park a car” has become one of the “painful experiences” of city life like “996” “Sky-High House Prices””expensive medical bills and difficult access to quality medical services”

“Technology Empowerment+Business Innovation--Explore and solve city parking solutions”


City Parking Problems

New technologies such as artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, cloud computing, and big data provide a new perspective for city administrators. The administrators think about to use the technologies mixing into static traffic city parking solution to solve the congestion problems. It is reported by China Smart Parking Industry Big Data Report 2018 that 30% of traffic congestion problems are caused by”hard to park a car” and “park at free will”. Under the management idea of “a game of chess”, the local governments have changed the focus from”Limitation” to “Stopping”, and actively integrated the forces of society from technology empowerment to business innovation, shaping a new situation of city parking.

As an industry leader of China whom is specializing in smart parking for 27 years, JIESHUN has based on the accumulation of smart parking hardware and software, operation system and industry integration resources to create a industry-leading full stack solution for governments, platforms and properties. The full stack solution can supply a full mode services of construction, operation and investment as per different needs of cities.

City 1: Create a smart static traffic of "central system" for Huizhou city


A map of city’s parking management

The core of JIESHUN static traffic solution is JIESHUN IOT Cloud Platform, namely the comprehensive use of ”Internet of Things + cloud computing + big data” for covering entire city parking resources. Through a map of city’s parking management, the city administrators can timely find the overall operation profile, hence the management department can supply a comprehensive analysis and optimization solutions basing on the profile to create a smart static traffic.

In August 2019, Jieshun won the bid for the 127 million RMB smart parking project in Huizhou City , and jointly established Huizhou City Transportation Investment Group Co., Ltd. to build a smart shared parking cloud platform, upgrading about 20,000 public parking spaces in Huizhou City ( Among them, 13,190 on-street parking spaces and 6,572 off-street parking spaces), and then the parking spaces will be gradually added to 80,000 around by the investment into different kinds of parking facilities (including ground parking lots, underground parking lots, and three-dimensional parking lots) to realize the interconnection, and unified operation & management of urban parking space information.

City 2: IoT Cloud empowers Linyi city


Off-street Parking Space

As the biggest city with the most population in Shandong Province, Linyi has more than 1.2 million cars. With such a huge demand of parking spaces, how to solve “hard to park a car” has become one of the problems that must be done in the construction of “Smart Linyi”.

Since April 2019, JIESHUN has upgraded 3000 parking spaces in Linyi, through connecting the industry's most advanced high-position video sensor, low-position video sensor, geomagnetic sensor, and unattended access sensing devices, plus cloud terminal identification to achieve real-time info collection and coverage of multi-scenario and multi-channel data , to achieve the operation and supervision of 100,000 on-street and off-street parking spaces.

City 3: “AI”makes Yangzhou city easy to travel around


APP (Yi Xing Yang Zhou)

Early in 2017, JIESHUN has taken over Yangzhou city’s overall plan of “City Parking” , integrating the operation & management for all kinds of parking lots & parking spaces, AI, mobile payment, big data analysis technology to construct a smart travelling platform.

Yangzhou citizens not only can quickly access into different parking lots, but also can enjoy the info services of public transit, sharing bicycles, smart charging poles and easy to call a taxi with the help of “Yi Xing Yang Zhou”APP.

City 4: Use science and technology force to build a better Lijiang city


Lijiang smart parking cloud platform

In the process of assisting Lijiang city to realize the smart parking, JIESHUN has used IoT Cloud Platform to combine local city parking and tourism big data to develop the applications from parking space planning and sharing, peak parking, parking finance, etc. to realize the deep enterprise operation, parking data analysis and data asset operation.

City 5: AIoT empowers Foshan Old Town


AIoT to realize the closed loop

Since October 2018, JIESHUN has used AIoT to realize the closed loop of algorithms, terminals, cloud platforms, payment and users, upgraded more than 2,400 parking spaces in the whole town in two phases, and relied on 720° unattended solutions to renovate the seven municipal parking lots. When the project is completed, it will be realized for real-time overall monitoring and operation of the parking resources for the whole town.


A costal city in China

JIESHUN smart city parking solutions have taken root in 40+ cities of China. JIESHUN will continue to rely on its IoT cloud and the accumulation of operational resources to to build a new eco-system of smart parking.