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JIESHUN: Solving the Charging Challenge in the Rapidly Growing Electric Vehicle Market

May 09,2023

Electric vehicles have become the preferred choice of many in today's pursuit of environmental friendliness and energy efficiency. While their use reduces environmental impact, charging these vehicles presents a significant challenge. Official data shows that the number of electric vehicles in China is expected to reach 13.1 million by 2022, resulting in unprecedented demand for charging infrastructure. Unfortunately, the existing infrastructure is struggling to meet this demand, with some residential communities lacking the resources to install charging stations, and car owners facing long queues at centralized charging stations during peak hours. As such, electric car owners and property management companies alike urgently require a high-quality solution to this problem.

In January 2022, the National Development and Reform Commission and ten other departments issued a joint document emphasizing the importance of providing fixed parking spaces for charging facilities, or reserving installation conditions in newly-built communities, and encouraging the construction of charging station facilities in existing communities to improve the electric car charging experience. JIESHUN, in line with its commitment to staying market sensitive and closely following government policies, began developing electric vehicle charging solutions in 2022.

During the preliminary research stage, we identified several challenges that needed to be addressed in the car charging process. Car owners struggled with finding suitable parking spaces for charging, poor charging experiences and cumbersome processes, while property companies were more concerned about the utilization rate of charging stations and the return on investment. These issues would be addressed by our proposed solution.

Based on its extensive experience in parking industry projects, JIESHUN has developed an integrated intelligent parking and charging system. This system provides safe, stable, and convenient parking services in addition to charging services for electric vehicles. By connecting parking lots, charging stations, and designated parking spaces through the internet, the system utilizes front-end intelligent hardware facilities such as Bluetooth locks and video recognition terminals to automatically recognize electric vehicles and unlock parking locks. This effectively solves the issue of illegal parking through refined operation control. Moreover, the system supports online inquiries, navigation, and reservations, enhancing user convenience while significantly improving the utilization rate of charging stations and overall revenue.

For car owners, the APP integrated within JIESHUN’s parking and charging system allows them to easily locate the nearest charging station and reserve a parking space for their vehicle. Payment for parking and charging fees can also be made conveniently through mobile payment upon leaving. In comparison to the traditional charging process, this intelligent charging experience is much smoother and more efficient.

Overall, JIESHUN’s integrated parking and charging system significantly improves the convenience and economic viability of electric vehicles by solving the issues of parking and charging. The system has received positive feedback from users in actual usage.