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Unity Parking Lot in Addis Ababa was Fully Put into Use

Jan 16,2023

Since the "Belt and Road Initiative" was put forward, the economic and trade cooperation between China and African countries has developed rapidly. Technology companies such as JIESHUN have also responded positively, bringing Chinese manufacturing such as smart parking and access control systems to all parts of the world and creating modern model projects for the local area.

Recently, the Prime Minister of Ethiopia, Abiy Ahmed, inaugurated the state-of-the-art Unity Parking Lot in the center of Addis Ababa.

The state-owned partner undertook the parking lot project, which is an important node in a series of construction projects. JIESHUN contributed the entire smart parking system and part of the access control section.

The total construction area of the whole building is about 53,500 square meters, of which the four underground floors are parking lots, and the four floors above ground are commercial complexes. It is a comprehensive commercial project integrating parking lots, food centers, commercial streets and offices.

The underground four-story parking lot can provide safe and reliable parking spaces for more than 1,000 vehicles. The intelligent parking system ensures an efficient and convenient parking experience. Drivers can easily find vacant parking spaces with the help of parking guidance signs and parking sensors. Ultrasonic parking sensors can detect the real-time status of each parking space and update it to the central management platform in time.

“The Unity Parking, which was inaugurated today, is one of our nation’s reflections that reveal the future of Ethiopia,” PM Abiy said. “We are committed to leave such a legacy for future generations.


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