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How to Better Operate the Parking Lot?

Jan 13,2022

In a world of information explosion, AI and big data technologies have been able to accurately mine effective information from complex data, find logical relationships, and predict future trends.

AI Parking Lot Operation Brain

We all know that parking lots are divided into indoor parking lots and outdoor parking lots, and each parking lot has different charging modes and access control technologies. Different parking lot equipment also has different stability and safety. So, how to scientifically measure the management and operation quality of a parking lot? How can parking lots improve management efficiency and save costs?

Based on years of experience in parking industry projects, Jieshun has developed an artificial intelligence parking lot operation brain, which can comprehensively collect all kinds of information about parking lots, and analyze the data from multiple dimensions and levels. It can not only quantify the management and make the operation of the parking lot intelligent, but also adjust the management strategy of the parking lot in time to obtain more benefits.

Jieshun parking lot operation brain has built-in various parking lot evaluation models. The evaluation model refers to a model that obtains the overall score of the parking lot by scoring a number of parking lot evaluation indicators, such as the number of parking spaces, the utilization rate of parking spaces, and traffic efficiency, and then in a weighted manner.

Parking Lot Evaluation Model

The parking lot evaluation model is the core value of the AI parking lot operation brain. Jieshun has deployed more than 100,000 parking lots around the world and has a large amount of data, which provides a strong support for the collection of evaluation indicators. In addition, Jieshun has been deeply involved in the field of smart parking for decades. With its rich industry experience, it has developed a number of personalized indicators to ensure the diversity and feasibility of evaluation models.

CEMP is the first evaluation model established by the development team by in-depth mining of nearly 100 parking lot operation indicators. CEMP is the abbreviation of Comprehensive Evaluation Model of Parking Lot. It scores the parking lot in terms of operating income, intelligent management, traffic safety, value-added operation, etc., and comprehensively evaluates the management and operation of the parking lot.

More than just evaluation models, the operation brain also provides regular evaluation reports. The management team can obtain the parking lot operation situation in time, and adjust the operation strategy according to the index score.

Jieshun can deeply customize evaluation models or customized indicators for customers to meet the needs of personnel in different positions in the enterprise. The management may pay more attention to the comprehensive score ranking of the parking lot; the financial department is more concerned about the revenue of the parking lot; the operation and maintenance personnel are more interested in the offline rate and error correction rate of the equipment.

As the parking application scenarios become more and more abundant, the parking lot operators can create personalized indicators, such as the number of monthly card activations, the amount receivable, the actual amount received, etc., and regularly rank the parking lot.

Let’s take an example to illustrate the usefulness of evaluation indicators. The equipment maintenance model establishes evaluation indicators around the equipment maintenance of the parking lot, such as the number of error corrections and the number of problem processing collected from the parking lot controller, and calculates the error correction rate.

Error correction rate = total number of errors corrected / total number of problem processing. When the error correction rate exceeds a certain threshold, the AI brain proactively warns and notifies the operation and maintenance personnel of the evaluation results. If the error correction rate remains high for a long time, it will alert the possible equipment failure and consider replacing the equipment. This early warning mechanism can ensure the stable operation of the parking system.

In addition to existing models, regular reports, customized models and evaluation indicators, what other functions does the AI operation brain have?

Value-added Operations

In the future, the AI operation brain can also provide more value-added operation services. For example, it can paint a more detailed picture of the yard for the operator, and the various vehicle information it has learned, including vehicle brand, color, model, etc., can be used for more refined management and operation. The parking lot management can develop more personalized applications and activities based on the information it has, enhance the interaction between the parking lot and users, and make the parking lot play more roles.