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What is the JIESHUN AI Brain?

Feb 23,2022

AI Brain represents the highest technology of the JIESHUN R&D team. What is the JIESHUN AI Brain, what can it do and how can it provide better service to customers? This article will take you on a journey to uncover its mystery.

What is AI Brain?
It is the core engine of artificial intelligence technology developed by Jieshun, and it is also the laboratory of AI technology. It integrates leading license plate and model recognition, face recognition and other algorithms, and uses big data analysis technology to provide more cutting-edge and more sophisticated technical services for parking lots and community projects in terms of license plate correction, access control, and parking lot evaluation.

What are the functions of AI Brain?

1.Intelligent License Plate Correction

Jieshun AI Brain has been online for more than a year, and the license plate recognition rate has increased by 0.147%, which is a very good result. A year ago, the average license plate recognition rate for our smart parking lot was about 99.85%. That is to say, after connecting to the AI brain, the license plate recognition rate of our system can reach almost 100%.

The high recognition rate can greatly reduce abnormal events in the parking lot, and make our parking payment, fare reduction, parking guidance and other services more smooth.

The AI brain uses multiple sets of algorithms developed by different teams to correct errors, and then uses a scientific weighted voting mechanism to greatly improve the accuracy of license plate recognition. In detail, the industry generally adopts front-end video streaming algorithms that pay attention to efficiency. On this basis, Jieshun AI Brain has added 3 sets of cloud recognition algorithms.

The AI brain allows the cloud algorithm to spend a little more time on the license plate that the front-end system cannot recognize correctly, and uses 3 sets of algorithms to work at the same time. Finally, vote on the results to make more accurate decisions.

In addition, the Jieshun AI brain can realize bionic decision-making and self-evolution. The AI brain establishes a memory bank for different projects, and the recognition results are recorded after each recognition is completed. The next time these vehicles enter the parking lot, the AI brain can directly judge without using algorithms, and the efficiency will naturally be significantly improved.

The AI brain also has a training library for algorithms. If we use multiple sets of algorithms in the cloud and find that the results are not particularly accurate, the system will hand it over to manual recognition. The results of manual recognition are automatically input into the algorithm training library and become the material for algorithm training. As a result, recognition algorithms are constantly being trained and evolved.

2.Vehicle Inventory in the Parking Lot

How many cars are there in the parking lot? Sometimes, when the AI brain regularly analyzes the entry and exit data of all projects, it finds that a certain license plate appears in another parking lot at the same time. At this time, the AI brain will focus on the secondary recognition of the vehicles in these two locations through the license plate number and vehicle appearance. If it is determined that it is the same vehicle, it is very likely that one of the parking lots does not recognize that the vehicle has left, and the system will modify the data to the leaving state to make the parking lot data more accurate.

If it is not the same car, the AI brain will synchronize the information to the traffic police system.

3.Vehicle Identification

The AI brain can identify the brand, model, color, style and other information of the vehicle through the cloud vehicle recognition algorithm. This is also the reason why the abnormal vehicles we mentioned earlier can be identified.

In the unattended parking lot, this function of the Jieshun AI brain is used to intelligently identify abnormal events such as traffic jams at entrances and exits, vehicles following, and returning vehicles.

4.Parking Lot Assessment
How to better understand the operation of the parking lot? As an expert brand of smart parking, Jieshun has been committed to optimizing parking lot operations and providing diversified hardware, platforms and services.

Jieshun AI brain can flexibly create various evaluation models, conduct multi-dimensional big data analysis on the business data of customer parking lots, and regularly output objective parking lot evaluation reports to help the management team operate the parking lot scientifically.

5.Portrait Quality Judgment

In addition to applications in parking lots, AI brains can also assist in access control services. For example, more and more properties are choosing face recognition services to strengthen the security control of the community. In order to ensure the recognition effect, the owner needs to upload the photos to the system in advance. Jieshun AI Brain can automatically evaluate the quality of the portrait by using the face recognition algorithm integrated with the deep neural network, and timely feedback the photos that do not meet the requirements.

The above functions are the superpowers of Jieshun AI Brain. In the AI Brain Lab, there are more superpowers being developed, trained and tested. In the future, more intelligent and practical high-tech applications will be born. Jieshun, bring smart to your life!