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A Great Helper to Solve Parking Difficulty in Beijing South Railway Station

Jun 09,2022

"It used to be difficult to find a parking space at the South Station. Now, wherever there are vacancies, you can find them at once." A citizen who often goes to the South Station said that since the parking guidance system was deployed in the parking lot earlier this year, it has become more convenient and smoother to find a parking space at the station.

Beijing South Railway Station, located in Fengtai District, is the largest railway station in Beijing and the railway station with the most trains in the local area.

At the beginning of this year, the parking space guidance system built by Jieshun for the parking lot in the east area of Beijing South Railway Station was officially launched, realizing the interconnection of the two parking lots inside the South Railway Station, which greatly shortened the time for car owners to find a parking space and their car, and the service experience was also greatly improved.

Find an Empty Parking Space in 3 Steps

The car owner can clearly see the vacant parking space at the entrance outside the parking lot, and choose the parking area according to the information.

After entering the parking lot, the indoor information display screens on each main road and branch road will give you detailed instructions on where there are available parking spaces.

Finally, an indicator light above each parking space will clearly tell you if there is any vacant parking space. A green light means a parking space is available.

In this way, the car owner can follow the guide all the way to the parking space directly, which greatly improves the efficiency and reduces the time cost. It also ensures the orderly entry and exit of vehicles in the parking lot and eases congestion, thereby increasing the turnover rate of parking spaces.

Reverse License Plate Search

For large parking lots, car owners often forget the area and specific location of their parking, and do not know the fastest way to get there.

Don't worry, the car finder in the parking lot will help you solve this problem. Enter the parking space number or your license plate number on the device, and you can locate where you parked in seconds, and give you a detailed route map to guide you to your car quickly. At the same time, the car finder also has a self-service payment function, which maximizes the convenience for customers.

It is worth mentioning that after the new intelligent parking guidance system was launched, the new parking space data and the original data have been connected. There are nearly 1,000 parking spaces in the two parking lots, all of which can be found online!

Customer Praise

From the deployment of the parking space guidance system in the western parking lot in 2020 to the cooperation with the eastern parking lot in 2021, the customer has always maintained cooperation with Jieshun, which reflects the customer's recognition and trust in Jieshun's products and service capabilities.

"Jieshun's overall service capability is relatively good, product strength is excellent, and project delivery is very punctual," said the customer.