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JIESHUN Launches Electric Vehicle Parking Solution

Jul 11,2022

As the international community attaches great importance to environmental protection, electric vehicles will gradually replace traditional fuel vehicles and become the mainstream in the automobile market. The number of electric vehicles has been increasing year by year, and how to charge the car conveniently and quickly has become a headache for car owners.

In the face of a large number of car charging needs, there are problems that need to be solved urgently for car owners or property owners. For end users, it is difficult to quickly find available rechargeable parking spaces. Currently, most of the charging parking spaces are occupied by non-electric vehicles, and most charging devices require users to download new apps. In addition, the payment function is relatively complicated.

For property managers in communities, office buildings and other places, they also have to face the high management and operation costs of parking lots. The cost of charging piles is high, and the turnover rate of parking spaces is very low. Poor operation will lead to losses.

As an expert in the parking industry, Jieshun Technology has deeply studied the pain points in the current market, and has independently developed a parking space-level charging operation solution, providing all-round services of "parking + charging + operation", making parking charging no longer difficult!

JIESHUN's parking lot management solution divides the parking lot into fuel vehicle parking spaces and electric vehicle parking spaces. All dedicated rechargeable parking spaces are equipped with parking locks, and the status of each parking space is transmitted to the management background in real time and displayed on the front-end mobile application. Electric vehicle owners who need to charge can search online through the APP to find the most convenient charging location and reserve a parking space.

After the vehicle arrives at the parking lot, the parking lot will intelligently identify the reserved vehicle through the license plate, and use the parking space guidance system to directly guide the vehicle to the designated rechargeable parking space. When the camera near the reserved parking space captures the reserved vehicle, the parking space lock will be automatically unlocked. The charging time and cost can be viewed in real time on the mobile APP, and the parking fee and the charging fee can be paid together to maximize the convenience for customers.

JIESHUN's electric vehicle parking solution also provides other high-quality services, such as abnormal vehicle occupancy alarm, reverse car search function, fee discounts, electronic bills, etc. The overall solution perfectly solves the troubles of property managers and electric car owners. Car owners can query and find available charging parking spaces in real time through the APP. The charging process is simple and easy to operate. At the same time, the property management has also greatly improved the turnover rate of parking spaces, and high-quality parking services will attract more customers and generate revenue for the parking lot.

Over the years, JIESHUN has been growing together with the parking industry. The company has been digging deep into the pain points of customers, focusing on the development of cutting-edge applications in the industry, and providing users with the ultimate high-quality parking and access control management solutions.

JIESHUN, expert in smart parking & access control!