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JIESHUN Presents Unatttended Parking Solution in 2nd International Property Management & Procurement Expo

Sep 14,2022

Recently, the 2nd International Property Management and Procurement Expo was successfully held at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center. The theme of this exhibition is: "Improve the level of building management to deliver the real value of the property". The exhibition fully displays the property management products and services related to the Internet of Things, big data and artificial intelligence.

Jieshun Technology, which has been deeply involved in the Hong Kong smart parking market for many years, is constantly innovating to develop solutions that better serve property management. This time, JIESHUN joined hands with Hong Kong distributors to demonstrate the Octopus-based unattended smart parking solution, which aroused hot attention in the industry.

The Octopus unattended parking solution is an exclusive solution specially developed for the Hong Kong parking market. It fully considers the consumption habits of car owners, the charging method of parking lots in Hong Kong and the property management model. With the core goals of reducing costs, improving traffic efficiency and improving service experience, it provides a variety of unattended application scenarios for properties.

Through the combination of front-end intelligent hardware and management platform, high-precision license plate recognition and fast entry and exit can be realized. The system supports Octopus entry and exit, Octopus payment, cash payment and other functions. In case of abnormal situations, car owners can also contact customer service through video intercom for remote assistance, truly realizing unattended operation. The solution reduces the labor cost of the property, improves the efficiency of vehicle traffic and payment, and provides users with a convenient parking experience and more friendly interaction.

At present, the Octopus unattended parking solution has supported four authentication modes, which are matched by Octopus, license plate recognition, and loop detector entry and exit methods as needed. The system supports local standardized billing and personalized billing standards, and the property can flexibly customize billing plans according to different requirements.

At the exhibition site, the staff showed the latest Octopus-supporting parking lot equipment JSPJ11126, which can be used with EIII parking controller to provide rich functions. During the three-day exhibition, we fully demonstrated the reliability and intelligence of the JIESHUN smart parking system to the audience, and gained a lot of attention from visitors and a lot of business opportunities. This exhibition was a complete success.