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JIESHUN Successfully Deployed the Parking System of Shanghai EXPO Cultural Park

Aug 08,2022

In the hot summer, the park has become a good place for people to relax and entertain. More and more people tend to travel by car, but due to the limitation of historical construction in many parks, parking management and tourists' parking experience have become a headache for managers. For this reason, Shanghai Expo Cultural Park introduced the JIESHUN Smart Parking System.

The EXPO Cultural Park is located in the Houtan area of the Pudong District in Shanghai. As a visual focal point from the west bank of the Huangpu River, this land has evolved over the decades: from natural wetland, to farmland with an expansive canal system for irrigation, to a base for heavy industry. The opening of the Shanghai EXPO 2010, the largest World Exposition in history, represents yet another new chapter of the site’s history. The EXPO focused on the concept of “Better City—Better Life,” and symbolized the beginning of the site’s post-industrial rebirth. After the EXPO, many of the pavilions were demolished, while a portion of the site was converted to active recreational programing.

In order to ensure a happy and convenient travel experience for tourists, the park has established 4 parking lots with a total of more than 2,000 parking spaces. At present, the entrances and exits of P1, P2, and P3 have been opened to the outside world, and the smart parking management system has been officially launched. Among them, the first open P2 parking lot is also equipped with a parking guidance system, enabling car owners to quickly find parking spaces.

Online Reservation of Parking Spaces to Coordinate with Epidemic Prevention

According to the government's epidemic prevention and control requirements, the park implements restricted traffic management, and tourists cannot exceed 50% of the maximum reception capacity.

At present, the park is the first to open the P2 underground parking lot, with a total of more than 300 parking spaces. The parking lot has charging spaces and disabled parking spaces. Citizens and tourists need to reserve parking spaces online in advance through the official website or public account.

When the instantaneous number of tourists is close to the upper limit of reception, the park will give an early warning and take measures to limit the traffic.

Excellent Parking Experience in the Unattended Parking Lot

Tourists can navigate to the P2 parking lot, and the parking monument sign along the road will clearly show the remaining vacant parking spaces. The license plate recognition controllers are installed at the entrance and exit to ensure the fast entry and exit of the vehicle.

After entering the parking lot, the information display screen and parking guidance camera will assist tourists to reach the reserved parking space directly.

When tourists enjoy a good afternoon and are ready to go home, they can pay for parking in advance and find their car directly through an automatic pay station. It avoids spending time looking for a car and queuing to pay, which solves the problem of congestion.

Data Management Connects City Resources

In addition to tourist parking management, the park can also set lists and permissions for daily work vehicles to facilitate access.

All parking lot data can be transmitted to the cloud platform through the front-end intelligent hardware. The large screen in the park can display the operation data of the parking lot in real time, and the managers can clearly control the usage of parking spaces.

In addition, all informatization data can also be uploaded to the management department to realize the interconnection of urban resources.

Currently, JIESHUN Parking System has been serving hundreds of parks and entertainment venues.